Safety Standard of Excellence

AccuStaff Safety Standard of Excellence

At AccuStaff®, we’re committed to safety in the workplace. You should never have to worry about whether an employee is safe or not—and we go to great lengths to ensure they are! Safety is our highest priority and it’s one that the American Staffing Association and National Safety Council recognize and applaud with the Safety Standard of Excellence mark.

Staffing companies that participate in their Safety Standard of Excellence Program voluntarily undergo a rigorous assessment process by an independent third-party entity of corporate policies and procedures. Results are then validated across a sampling of offices. Those that measure up and adhere to their high standards are given the Safety Standard of Excellence mark. As part of the Randstad family, AccuStaff shares this distinction for its safety best practices in the workplace.

Safety Smart

Creating a safe workplace requires education, training and positive reinforcement. At AccuStaff, we call it being “safety smart” and we have designed a comprehensive safety program around it to maximize safety and minimize risk for our candidates and clients. Our Safety Smart Program includes safety and risk consulting, guidance for Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP), behavioral-based safety programs, and assistance with incident investigation and claims.

What is the purpose of the Safety Standard of Excellence Program?
  • Encourage workplace safety and effectively reduce the risk of temporary and contract employee injuries, illnesses and fatalities
  • Maintain compliance with federal and state occupational safety and health requirements in regards to the employers’ shared responsibility for temporary worker safety
  • Classify and measure staffing firms against industry best safety practices
  • What does the Safety Standard of Excellence mark indicate?
  • Why partner with a staffing company that has earned this mark?
What does the Safety Standard of Excellence mark indicate?

• Staffing companies that earn the Safety Standard of Excellence mark demonstrate a clear commitment to workplace safety on multiple levels, including:

• Selecting and screening applicants
• Providing safety training and orientation
• Evaluating potential work site hazards and putting the necessary protections in place

Why partner with a staffing company that has earned this mark?

• You can rest assured that the employees they place in your work environment are educated and equipped to work safely
• Their commitment to safety reduces employee injuries and illnesses, lost time and expenses associated with workers’ compensation
• They employ safety best practices which significantly lower the risk of workplace incidents, and if one should occur, they’re equipped to address it promptly

With AccuStaff, you’ll have a staffing partner that cares about employee safety working for you. We are honored to bear the Safety Standard of Excellence mark and we will work diligently to ensure every candidate we place upholds it!