What's our hiring process?

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AccuStaff hiring process of temporary employees

How do we find candidates?
As a Temp Agency, our process isn’t as different as you’d think. We post ads, get responses, and call people back.  This includes posting our temp positions to job boards (i.e. Monster, Indeed, etc.), print newspaper type of advertising, grass root fliers and posters, lawn signs, referrals, social media, and going out and finding candidates through a number of other sourcing tools.  Each of our recruiters has a favorite method, but we all work collectively to match the right person with the right organization.

How do you interview candidates?
There are probably as many similarities as there are differences with this answer. We dig in with candidates using a mix of behavioral and traditional interview questions. One of the major differences, as a staffing agency, would be that we’re not always interviewing a candidate based on what they applied for. Many job seekers are applying for lots of jobs, so we interpret, review, and work with them to determine where they are best suited. We try to screen them for their experience, as well as where we think we might be able to place them. We’ll dive further than most companies so we know as much as we can about who they are, where they performed certain tasks, why they worked at one company, left another, and try to determine the type of environments where they’ll be successful.

What does AccuStaff’s onboarding process look like?
Without a doubt, there are a lot of forms to complete. Most of our new temporary employees can complete these online, either in our office, or from home. We cover all the regulated documents (W-4’s, I-9’s), in addition to policy and procedure documents. Each temporary worker who starts with us has to go through the same process, sign the same forms, and acknowledge various documents – piece by piece. All candidates are processed through E-verify, and offered options for health insurance, direct deposit, etc.

What do you tell your employees before they start with me?
We go over many standard items. This includes use of cell phones during working hours, communicating effectively with you (and us) about attendance, medical/court appointments, etc.  We also go over safety information related to their assignment (i.e. Fork Lift Operators, warehouse, manufacturing, etc.) with standard safety videos that describe our approach and what each employee should do. In addition to all of the above, we tell them as much about your business, the role and your expectations as we can. Our belief is that the more they know about your role, the more invested they are into your organizational needs, and the better they can contribute quickly.

What about background checks, and other pre-screening?
We have a list of available options available to you. We don’t do them by default for all candidates because each client handles these things differently. We’ll go over this with you before filling a job order with you. Options include credit checks, criminal background investigation, drug screening, education verification, and employment verifications among others.  When it comes to these items, we have a process and we adhere to all appropriate guidelines to ensure we’re in compliance.