Project Manager

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Location –Albany, NY
Pay Range - $50,000-60,000/year

We are currently seeking a Project Manager for one of our clients.  This is a hands-on role, which means we’re looking for someone who can diagnose, investigate, interpret, enter and think critically in solving various situations that may arise. Full time hours are to be expected. We are seeking a candidate who’s not afraid to dive into situations and try and troubleshoot their way through things. This is a temporary assignment estimated to last approximately 12 months, with the possibility for annual extensions. Position is based in downtown Albany.


This position involves coordinating capital project review packages initiated by school districts requesting a third-party review. The work includes coordinating communications between BOCES, New York State Education Department (NYSED), third-party review firms, school districts and their design firms, troubleshooting issues, logging and tracking progress, invoicing districts, preparing reports, and maintaining good public relations between parties involved. Supervision could be exercised over additional program staff.


  • Receives capital project review packages from districts requesting third party review that have been prescreened by (NYSED) Office staff;
  • May assist NYSED staff with pre-screening process, as needed;
  • Creates a system to identify, log, and track constraints/conflicts of interest identified by districts, design firms, and review firms and uses that info, along with active conversations with review firms regarding current capacity, to make appropriate review assignments;
  • Creates, populates, and maintains a computerized system to receive and record information about review packages, tracks and monitors progress, milestone dates and statuses of review completions for multiple simultaneous reviews, and records issues/details identified during reviews;
  • Determines fees and coordinates invoicing to districts/firms for payments to BOCES from districts/firms requesting third party review;
  • Coordinates with NYSED to determine when reviews have been successfully completed and recommends payment by BOCES to assigned review firms;
  • Coordinates the transmittal of capital project review packages (via electronic service) to assigned review firms, as well as back to NYSED upon completion of review;
  • Confers with assigned review firms to ascertain receipt and start dates, likely duration needed for completion, and tentative end-date for each review;
  • Monitors, evaluates, tracks progress, and motivates meeting target timelines through periodic check-ins with review firms;
  • Establishes and utilizes process to evaluate performance of third-party review firms, communicates such to firms and works with firms on continuous improvement;
  • Assists NYSED Office with coordinating training for review firms as needed;
  • -Assists review firms as appropriate with delays on the part of the design firms in responding to requests for responses and revisions of capital project review packages;
  • Mediates concerns/disputes that may arise with review vendors or between the vendors and design firms;
  • Assists the NYSED Office with questions, issues or concerns with the review process and/or performance of third-party review firms;
  • Answers inquiries from the field regarding the review process and investigates/assists in concern/complaint resolution;
  • Maintains files and records and prepares analytical progress reports;
  • Prepares updates detailing work completed and explains un-met work and time goals, as requested by BOCES and/or NYSED;
  • Facilitates access to tracking data and assists with searches/information requests;
  • Assists in maintaining good public relations with the field, reviews mail, conducts routine correspondence, and assists in planning office workflow, as needed;
  • Performs other related work as needed.


THOROUGH KNOWLEDGE OF:  methods of organization, planning, prioritization and management; methods used in maintaining records and reports; principles and practices of business operations in dealing with vendors and contract agencies; procedures involved in development and management of contracts; departmental objectives, policies, and operations as they relate to capital projects;

GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF:  business management and project/task management procedures and techniques; office equipment; personal computers, including database applications and applicable software;

ABILITY TO:  deal effectively with vendors and other departments or agencies; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; effectively use computer applications such as spreadsheets and word processing; research and collect information and data; operate office equipment; develop and maintain effective working relationships; prepare clear and concise oral and written reports.

Are you the right fit?

Our ideal candidates are the type of people that want to get up for work every day, not sit around like a couch potato. The best candidates for AccuStaff are the ones who look at a glass half full, and are able to take advantage of each opportunity to show how they can contribute.  Do we control every opportunity?  Certainly not, but like our clients, we search for motivated people who want to succeed.

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