Interview Question from Heather

We are continuing our series of helpful tips on questions and answers for candidates going on interviews. This tip comes from Heather, Owner of AccuStaff:

Q- "What is the reason for leaving your previous employers?"

Applications often don't provide enough room to adequately state a reason for leaving a job.

Asking a candidate directly will give an employer the opportunity to hear the job seeker speak and see how engaged they are as a potential employee.  Plus, getting specific details will provide further insight into how the applicant performed, fit it, etc. at their previous job.

Answers such as, “I didn’t get along with my supervisor,” or “the other girl in the office was on her cell phone as much as me, but I was the only one getting in trouble for it,” don’t necessarily give the impression you might hope. If you’re looking for better opportunities, professional growth, or a greater feeling of contribution to your organization, those are all great items that may factor into looking for a new position.

One last thought is to remember that sometimes, it isn’t just what you say, but how you say it.  If you sound “ho hum,” don’t be surprised by a “ho hum” result.  Employers generally want to hire people who can demonstrate that they want to be with their organization. You don’t need to be jumping up and down, but a little enthusiasm can go a long way.

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