Interview Tips


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You got the interview, now it’s your time to shine.


Getting the call is one of the hardest steps during the job search. You can prep the resume, write the great cover letter, but getting someone to give you the time to explain the how and why behind your resume seems difficult. It doesn’t have to be. 


Here are 8 Keys to a successful interview


  1. Show enthusiasm
  2. Positively share your career pursuits
  3. Do your research and ask thoughtful questions
  4. Strategically sell your qualifications
  5. Approach advancement potential carefully
  6. Let the interviewer address salary and benefits
  7. Close the interview with a Call to Action
  8. Follow up with a Thank-you

Seems pretty straight forward right?  How will you accomplish these 8 tasks and why are they so important?  Read our handy two-page guide by pointing your browser to



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