4 Ways to Improve Your Staffing Partnership

Post by: Tom Schin
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If you haven’t worked in staffing, it’s hard to put your finger on all the things a recruiting or temp agency does. I’ve been at it for a dozen years and it still amazes me the things that come up.

There’s no doubt that hiring in a low unemployment rate economy is tough. Finding talented workers who want to work, and work for your organization, is tough. Add to that complexity that the employee you want is the same employee everyone else wants and the difficulty increases exponentially.

Let’s read about a few things a host company can do to create a better set of outcomes when working with a temp agency or perm hire organization.

1. Determine your must haves vs. your nice to haves. If you’re the middle person, get your hiring manager on the hook for this. The conversation might sound something like, “If I find you the candidate who has XYZ as you stated, you’ll hire them, right?” And then, after you find that candidate, the hiring manager starts to get uber selective. They didn’t like this one aspect, or wanted more of that aspect in their answer, how they said it, the funny tilt to the candidates head when they answered. The “musts” should include both the technical and soft skills the manager is seeking — otherwise, you’re fishing without a hook.


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